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Response Resources

Chemicals, barrier curtains, and other equipment may be an integral part of any dreissenid response. The purpose of this portion of the toolkit is to provide a list of sources to obtain commonly used equipment and materials that would needed during a dreissenid response.

Mussel-detection canines

Mussel Dogs: (located in Oakdale, California)

Working Dogs for Conservation: (located in Montana and Alberta, Canada)

Montana Black Dog Services: (located in Montana)

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (Puddles)

British Columbia Conservation Officer Service (Kilo and Major) –

Dive Teams

Bruce Hansen
Aquatic Ecologist, Region 6/PNW Dive Safety Officer
US Forest Service

Pacific Northwest Research Station

Land and Watershed Management Program

3200 SW Jefferson Way

Corvallis, Oregon 97331

phone: (541) 750-7311 | fax: (541) 750-7329

Equipment and Equipment Suppliers
Curtain Deployment

Laboratories and Standards



Hilo searching through hull fittings.
Credit: Cindy Sawchuk.

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